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Dating aquarius man

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When two Aquarius fall for each other it is more a mastermind as well as confusing combination where they both consider all odds as normal and normal as odds!They make a friendly association and respect each other’s independence a lot except that their relationship lacks warmth as both are detached in their attitude.If you are dating an Aquarius guy he will give you total freedom and he will also respect your independence.You will simply love this quality in your Aquarius guy. Aquarius guys are also very experimental and unpredictable in nature, so don’t be surprised if you are suddenly taken to a wild date which includes things which you may have never dreamt of If you are dating an Aquarius guy, you will never feel dominated or controlled by him, it’s like teamwork together and he will also give you enough space to take decisions on your own rather poking in every matters of your life. Another reason to date an Aquarius guy is that he is very secure about himself and he is not the one who will get over possessive or jealous without any reason.Perhaps you’d like to know what his downfalls are before you fall further into the romantic bliss you seek.Here are some interesting tips about negative traits of the Aquarius man.[click to continue…] Are you a woman who is curious about an Aquarius man in particular?

Usually Aquarius men do not but here is some information that will help you understand a bit how they operate. They always seek for a creative and innovative experience. Just like the freshness of water, Aquarians always think of fresh and innovative ideas.Are you currently dating an Aquarius man and feel he keeps some things a secret from you? Here are some things you may want to know to help you navigate through this relationship and help you find out why are Aquarius men secretive.[click to continue…] Have you found yourself taken by the romanticism of an Aquarius man? Aqua means water and people with this sun sign are known as water bearers.