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Honestly we don’t do a great job of it in many other areas but let us focus on women, sex and relationships.Instead, they said they were forming meaningful relationships with these women, ones that weren’t exploiting them in the same way that sex workers would be exploited in the U. She found 100 percent of the women said they did not engage in a relationship with a male sex worker, but 33 percent acknowledged that they monetarily helped the men they were in a sexual relationship with.“Even though they said they didn’t pay for sex, they had helped out and provided gifts,” she said.Through these telling interviews, she found men were traveling to these tourists spots to have sex with local women and a majority of these relationships involved an economic element, whether that was the men giving their sexual partners money or helping with errands and bills. “It was quite easy to talk to men about what was going on and what was happening.However, although the men would acknowledge that their “girlfriends” were often sex workers, they didn’t always want to interpret their encounters as a form of prostitution. Some of them would say, ‘Well I know it’s about prostitution, but I’m different from the other guys and I know why I’m doing it.” Taylor’s next question was: do women do this? Taylor used a similar questionnaire with 200 female tourists, but this time she focused on women who traveled to Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.Her bigger lips, body shape and new hairstyle were all things borrowed from the black culture.