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Also, enjoy speed dating games and mixers as Truth hosts is first ever speed dating event particularly catering towards the men. Therefore, this maybe a good look for all the singles out there. You will leave more connected, more aware, more empowered and more on fire to reach your goals. Get up close and personal with chefs, sommeliers, mixologists and brewers as you sip and savor the day away. Voted on by the audience, the winner of all 5 rounds is then submitted into a networking realm of various artist and poets throughout the country. BRUNCH, NFL CHILL You can literally stay at Union Park on Sundays for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Free all day with RSVP as well as many other drink specials and hookah. Different vibe every Sunday, but every vibe is a good one! Check it out for yourself and see what the hype is about at one of the latest Sunday Funday spots in Dallas (because clearly there are a lot). TIP & 2CHAINZ @ THE BOMB FACTORY Come enjoy your Sunday Funday with me and the entire DFW at The Bomb Factory for ATLInvasion! I.’s face would definitely be amongst the others up on that mountain, which is why you should come and turn up with the legend and “The King of The South” all night long.
Well I happened to download that crazy app called Tinder. So I matched with this guy and eventually got bored.

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I was particulary pleased that they are staging some local events which will be interesting for guests.The owner whom we spoke to a lot is a very interesting man and we thoroughly enjoyed our talks. If anyone suggested snorkelling on holiday, I tended to smile vaguely and look the other way. Because there I was, on a Tuesday lunchtime, swimming with turtles. I had never been much of an underwater kind of person – air is what I like to breathe, not seawater.And there, just an arm's length away: a beautiful 200-year-old hawksbill.Greyish green, he was about the size of a coffee table, a square bald head on a leathery neck. Actually, he can't have been 200 years old, despite what Orton King, the turtle expert, said.I was feeling better, that is, right up until I found myself crumpled on the floor, shaking violently. Up until this point, I thought I had already undergone all the tests they could throw at me — all the scans, and shots, and pokes, and prods — until the nurse wrote on the whiteboard on the wall of my room: spinal tap, IV antibiotics, (and later) surgery.

But protocol doesn't dictate how long you spend with each turtle. I had been stalking him for nearly 15 minutes and, to be fair, he was eating his lunch.

I was screaming with what little air I had left, but in my head there was this calm voice telling me, it’s okay. Between some minor surgery and a lot of (other) antibiotics, my body was recovering from what they finally determined was an internal infection, and I was, at last, allowed to go home. Now, coming up to Thanksgiving almost a full two years later, I am more thankful than ever for what I have. Who got me home, cooked me dinner, and helped bring me back to my full self again. (And here’s to my mother, for not strangling the hospital intern who gave me that antibiotic.) As you may have noticed, I’m not a huge drinker.

Any minute now you’ll either pass out or die, and then everything will be okay. Sometimes I think back and I don’t know if it was medicine that saved me, or him. Here’s to life, and the people who make it wonderful. In fact, this is the first cocktail I’ve shared — but you can bet it’s a good one!

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