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Javascript validating username and password with database

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Since the beginning of the WWW, the developers try to equip their Web sites with new features and widgets to attract the users' attention and make the life much easier for them by applying the latest technologies.Nowadays, an average Web user, among other activities, shops, searches for information, registers to forums and communities, plays online games and communicates with the other users on the Internet.i want to avoid users getting behind this section without a correct answer... and it is necessary to store the existing ID input in thelimesurvey database. I don't understand why you are including j Query and creating a new form.The Lime Survey screen/group is already a form and j Query is also already included.Surely you can use Lime Survey elements (text questions) as your inputs. first i found the error in now its the script is like this everthing else was just to understand how it works sorry for confusion.my question is like this ID:5 Textarea: "Innput your ID" pressing the source button and insert i hope to accomplish this: 1: force a input of existing ID (checks true false and send it back than i could display true/false) 2: input in question5 has to be stored in database of survey 3: submit button of form#limesurvey returns true if returns true and my idea was to do this by checking a hidden input (id=check_01) im totally inexperienced and this is my first try and me best idea to do it.Notice that we are setting an “authorized” session variable in the login code above.

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For those pages that can only be accessed by registered members, we need to put a check on the top of the page.

Here, I am storing an SHA1 hash, not the actual password.

In fact, you can generally judge the security of a website by whether or not it’s possible to get them to send you your password.

In case the ID is found in the table database, the field is successfully validated I think you'll need to fire an AJAX call to a remote script that accesses your ID. (probably on keyup or change of the text input) Depending on the returned result, you could toggle a hidden question and then use conditions, relevance or quotas to control further access to the survey.

ok now i need to know how to toggle a hidden object that was created by limesurvey and not with javascript and how to check this value like if!