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and that includes a strict telling off every now and then down a telephone line by a masterful gent. So if you like the thought of trying to keep a very wayward young lady in line, then our live spanking chat lines are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, giving you the chance to chat with and verbally discipline our sexy sub sluts and naughty adult schoolgirls. Spanking personals sites are personals sites or other Internet/online services (such as newsgroups) for making contacts and finding partners among spankophiles, or people with an interest in spanking in general.Spanking personals are also a common service of spanking magazines.The site gives an "alternate address" in case the main address changes.This site exists to republish Victorian spanking erotica.

After all, these dirty girls know that they deserve it -Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus access charge. ** Warning; this fanfiction aims to be highly realistic regarding character traits. Perhaps, if you're an empath like I am, you will feel her suffering and pain.(R-18 Chapter 2 and on) Mick felt his lips curl up into a grin as he watched Len's body jump before a small breathy moan slipped out, almost like Len wasn't even aware he'd made the sound at all, just from being told he was good.(Note: Designations are based on wiki user content assessments. Far from all of the content is spanking or BDSM related, but a significant part of it is, and several well known spanking authors, including Don A. No advertising or commercial links are permitted on any of the sub-sites.Please insert new entries in alphabetic order and include a site description.) The Alt Sex Stories Text Repository contains stories posted to Alt. Over 1000 authors are represented "The stories published here are fictitious (except for a few childhood memories).Solas, known as Fen'Harel, knew love before he knew war.