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The first production instrument shipped was an EM-18, serial number 1004, in December of 1978.

The last was 3645, an EB-18 at some point during 1980.

So, the Sigma brand was their effort to fight back.

The Sigmas were good guitars, though not wildly successful, and in 1984 production moved to Korea.

The SDM-18 guitar that we are looking at today was built in Korea, though it is hard to get an exact date as the serial numbers seem to have been issued with little rhyme or reason.

The model name is a little easier to figure out, as this is pretty much a copy of the Martin D-18 dreadnaught.

Fender has Squier, Gibson has Epiphone, Ovation used to have Applause though I don't know if they still do. But, up until the last few years, Martin used the Sigma brand name from 1970 until 2007.

We are going to look at something a little different today - a pretty cool budget acoustic guitar that I picked up at the monthly flea market they have by my house.

This is an early 1990s Sigma SDM-18 6-string dreadnaught.

The E series guitars have interesting stories, made more vivid by the fact that the key people involved in their design and production helped me immensely when I was researching the history.

The various books and articles previously available vary in their accuracy, and it has taken quite a lot of detective work to build what I believe to be a complete and accurate picture.