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Updating emule

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Now click ' Enable' to start the MLDonkey service.Once you see the status becomes ' Enabled' you may continue to the next step.ADDED: Superlexx: new proxy auto-detector, client-side: using XML data format instead of CVS; if no proxy has been found in the local XML file, e Mule tries to look for the proxy in our online proxy database. The "detected proxy" dialog has been cleaned up to not confuse users by the advanced options.FIXED: JP: no proxy configuration test is run when connection limit is reached to avoid false negatives FIXED: JP: the proxy client now shows as downloading "from proxy" and not "via proxy" FIXED: JP: the Web Cache client counter in the download window now also counts the A4AF clients FIXED: Superlexx: DFA = disconnect fix attempt: this should reduce the number of disconnects significantly FIXED: Superlexx: IFS: if a client asks for a file without a complete chunk, he will not be enqueued anymore FIXED: Superlexx: check that the file hash requested per HTTP matches that of the originally requested file FIXED: removed the email proxy submission link in the settings window since it doesn't work anymore; use the web form instead FIXED: disabled seinding OHCBs per UDP to clients without configured UDP port e Mule Web Cache 1.2f Yonatan added: Webcache-protocol JP fixed: detect webcache on first start JP added: prevent fake high ID clients from using the proxy-test (was causing false negative detections) JP added: option to turn off AICH Debug Log messages JP added: Webcache statistics in Client detail dialogue JP added: Webcache statistics in file detail dialogue JP added: detect "Proxy-Connection: close" headers JP added: simple fake high ID detection (important for webcache configuration test) - from Netfinity JP/Superlexx fixed: Web Cache-Release Yonatan added: send Stop-sending-OHCBs if client isn't trusted any more Superlexx fixed: Transparent Proxy Support (hopefully, not tested yet but can't make the problem worse) e Mule Web Cache 1.2e JP added: test proxy-configuration for non-transparent proxies (only works when connected to a server, with high-ID and valid public IP) JP added: code to disable webcache-downloads for the rest of the session (used when changing proxy-configuration and the Detect non-caching-proxies code) JP added: Detect non-caching proxies (if we requested 100 blocks from the proxy and none of them was successfully downlaoded, pop up a messagebox and disable proxy-downloads for the rest of the session) JP added: Gnaddelwarz' code for displaying proxy sources differently when extended controls are activated JP added: Webcache Release: -boost webcache-clients if uploads to them are likely to result in 3 or more proxy-downloads -can only be activated for complete files and if all downloads are stopped -is automatically deactivated if a stopped file is resumed. As I stated earlier, the e D2K Network began with e Donkey2000. The Network is run by many different servers, not just one like a lot of other P2P networks. It is developed as a hobby and aims to make no profit. For more information on e Mule and its team of developers visit Please note that the default username and password for MLDonkey is admin/admin.

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I would also suggest any parts that are hard to understand, you read them twice just to make sure you get it. We will read later how you can use this to your advantage to achieve higher download speeds.

QNAP has default this port to 15000 (TCP) and 15004 (UDP), and users should ensure forwarding both ports on your router to the internal IP address of your NAS that's running the MLDonkey.

If you are unsure whether or not these ports are forwarded properly you may go to this site and enter your WAN IP to test them.

The most notable change is the addition of a new Network, Kademlia. To connect to a server you must first get a server list for your client, we will see this later.

The e Mule developers are amazing, in fact, sometimes too amazing and it's hard to keep up with them since they update so much. The servers do a lot of work including performing searches and gathering sources.