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Maybe a lot of people enjoyed watching this but I'd rather move on to another kdrama that will suit my taste. Misunderstanding between characters keep on happening, and there's a high chance you'll hate the second leads with all your heart as well. Despite of there're so much comedy in every episode, the storyline is also fascinating. Jin Woon's smile is really a killer, but from the few scenes when he was being rejected and wanting to salvage the relationship, I think he can be the male lead in future. I already watched 3 times but I just cant get enough.

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He was best known for his novels including Brave New World, set in a dystopian London, and for non-fiction books, such as The Doors of Perception, which recalls experiences when taking a psychedelic drug, and a wide-ranging output of essays.

Early in his career Huxley edited the magazine Oxford Poetry, and published short stories and poetry.